Your own wine cellar in the cloud

For all of you wine lovers, an own wine cellar with your precious collection of wines is a big dream. But where to keep wines when you don’t have a dark and moist basement to store the bottles in? This dream can come true.

Box at Work offers a unique storage-service for wine.

For 3,99€ per Box! We’ll pick up the boxes for you and store them in our warehouse. It’s possible to store up to 34 wine bottles per box.

We have built our own closed-off wine cellar in our storage facility.

By storing the bottles in a horizontal position in our stable boxes, we make sure that the wine is stored dark and free of vibration. The temperature in our warehouse always remains between 13°C and 14°C, the humidity stays between 73% and 74% and the closed-off room is well ventilated. Although not an environmental condition, security is an important issue. There is no sense in having a sophisticated cellar if your wine is susceptible to loss or damage due to fire, theft, or equipment failure. We give you the guarantee that your wine is safely stored with us.

No basement can compete with that!

Box at Work

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