Meet the Box at Work Management Team!

Gerrit Jan Reinders

Founder and Managing Director

I wanted to start something that matters, with Box at Work I can make Urban moving and Storing easier and at the same time help the environment, reduce CO2 emission, minimize waste on landfills and have a significant positive effect on people living in urban areas.

Konrad Erzberger

Vice President

Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference. Such as switching from cardboard to plastic, from soft to durable, from offline to online. Our boxes work for our customers because they are cheaper, easier on the environment and really, just a lot nicer to look at than their predecessors.

Moritz Schaefer

Operations Manager

The different possibilities of shaping the future in a sustainable way has been of high interest to me for years. Box at Work offers me an inspiring environment in which I have the option to actively work on solutions which save resources and deal with problems in congested metropolitan areas.

Josephine de Fijter

Brand Manager

I believe in brands that have a personal story. I was intrigued by the way how Box at Work combines sustainability with modern technologies. My goal is to help build a brand that truly helps the urban community

Justin Wimmer

Business Operations & Strategy

I find it exciting how a reconfigured business model can shake up an old-fashioned industry. With Box at Work, we strive to supercharge a typical brick-and-mortar business by pairing it with a simple online experience and a great service layer on top.

Ophelia Gassmann

Business Development

Not only the idea of working for a company that makes the life of people with little living space or limited mobility easier through modern technology is quite appealing, also contributing to a new way of thinking of how we can help the environment by using sustainable boxes was a good reason to join Box at Work.