Storage solution for your archive

Unfortunately you still receive a lot of paper for your administration. It is important to keep them at least for a certain amount of years, but you don’t actually want to see them. Your closet is bulking with files taking so much space that you could also use for items you use day-to-day.

Space is getting expensive in urban areas, but storage is getting cheaper.

To store it at an old-fashioned self storage can become costly because you can’t only pay for the space you actually use. Also there is no climate control system, they keep the temperature at the same height during the year. This can cause problems for your paperwork. Especially when being packed in cardboard boxes.

Box at Work is the smart storage solution for your archive.

We bring the boxes to your doorstep. You pack as many as you need. You need less boxes than expected? We take them back for free. We store them at our facility as long as you want. Need something back quickly? Every box has a barcode so you can specifically ask us which box to bring back. And all of this within 24 hours.

Enjoy the convenience of more space for fun stuff.

Box at Work

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