Box at Work is a young, growing, innovative startup company with a mission to shake up the old-fashioned storage and moving world. Our motto is “easy when you’re moving, great when you’re storing” and that’s why we offer a stress-free and eco-friendly service. We rent out reusable boxes that are cheaper and smarter than your usual cardboard box, and contribute to the environment: By sharing and recycling our boxes, we actively reduce your CO2 footprint. Our business model constitutes the future of storage and moving!

At Box at Work we believe that business success and environment-friendly practices go hand in hand. The only way to keep the negative impact that storing and moving has on the environment to a minimum is to create sustainable solutions which are practical and affordable to the end user.

Store your belongings or move with Box at Work and do something great for the environment! Because you care, we care … and use a substantial amount of our profit to plant new trees making the world a little better and greener.

No more cardboard boxes and horrendous amounts of packing tape.

Boxes will be used for 400 moves and will then be recycled!

Why Box at Work?

Gerrit Jan Reinders, founder of Box at Work, has moved a few times in his life and realized soon that he would have to put an end to moving and storing valuable belongings in flimsy cardboard boxes. Like everyone else, he spent quite some money on cardboard boxes and tape. He experienced pretty much every negative side a cardboard box has to offer: broken bottoms, ripped handles, wet, damaged and missing items … not to mention problems with storing the boxes after he was done with them. Needless to say, those boxes didn’t last him for his next move – not even to store some things he didn’t have use for at the moment. Storing things was another problem – space at his new place was limited and all storage facilities in the area were too expensive.

He was convinced that there had to be a better and cheaper way. Sealable plastic boxes, for example, would protect against wetness and impact; they are also bigger and can be stacked for storing or nested to save valuable room when they are not needed. Since most people won’t need all those boxes all the time, he thought it would be a grand idea to share them with others who are in need of boxes.

His idea quickly manifested and soon he founded Box at Work. To tackle all the needs of people storing and moving their things, he invested into a storage facility and delivery trucks in order to offer an all-round service providing, delivering, transporting and storing reusable plastic boxes and moving equipment.

Plant new trees!

Our mission is to provide an efficient service to our customers while preserving the environment. We do not offer cardboard boxes since their production contributes to deforestation. But we wanted to go one step further and use some of our profit to plant new trees. Planting trees will help reduce the effects of global warming as they absorb CO 2 , removing and storing the carbon while releasing the oxygen back into the air. Thus, moving with Box at Work will literally make your city greener!

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Photographer Ronya Galka